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Coarse Fishing

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What to expect -1st October - 14th March

About The Beat

Timsbury Fishing can offer you a unique opportunity to book a day ticket to Coarse Fish in the heart of the Test Valley, fishing the ultimate in English Chalk streams on The River Test.  We can offer approximately 2.5 Miles of Prime River Test and Carriers which hold an abundance of coarse fish including, Grayling, Roach, Perch, Carp, Dace & Pike.  It has the added  attraction of shallows where some specimen fish have been caught.


The English chalkstreams are characterized by naturally filtered alkaline water of exceptional clarity and lush waterweed, creating an environment in which most species of fish, not just the famous Brown Trout thrive and grow to large sizes. Grayling fishing is excellent and unusually for the UK they can be caught on a dry fly even in the winter although trotting and bait fishing is often used. The clarity of the water means Grayling fishing often involves sight fishing for individual fish, creating real excitement and added interest to the fishing. The very best fishing is often in the shallower clearer upper reaches of the main chalkstream rivers and in the tributary streams.  Unlike some beats Timsbury Fishing allows you to coarse fish for all species of fish (except Game) from 1 October.  The River Test provides excellent coarse fishing right through the winter.


Grayling can be caught on at Timsbury Fishing using fly fishing specialized grayling techniques such as the "induced take", Czech nymph fishing and long trotting. Long trotting is a traditional method of fishing for Grayling using a float and a free-running centre pin reel with a worm or maggot as bait.

During the coarse season both beats 5 & 6 are combined to provide approximately 2.5 miles of exclusive River Test fishing. The river holds an abundance and wide variety of coarse fish. Grayling are prolific throughout the whole fishery and provide excellent fly fishing on the the various shallows as well as bait fishing in the deep long runs. The river depths vary from 2' to over 15' in the deeper holes on the lower beat, offering a great variety in the method of fishing, making the fishing a fantastic all round sport.


Specimen ROACH, PIKE, GRAYLING, CHUB, DACE & PERCH  are regularly caught throughout the fishery & with the occasional BARBEL, EEL, GUDGEON, CARP & of late some BREAM being caught.


Timsbury Fishing provides a wonderful days'  fishing for a variety of fishermen with every fishermen having the opportunity to catch their personal best.

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Read the rules and regulations on Coarse Fishing.

Optional Extras

Should you require the beat exclusively please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.


We can also offer a guide for your days’ fishing.  They are very experienced on the water and will help you set up your tackle and generally advise you of what tackle and baits you require for your particular days’ fishing.  Your guide will be there to assist you as much or as little as you may require.  The additional costs of an experienced guide and instructor are detailed under the Season and Costs section and is subject to availability.

It is essential that you book and pay for your guide in advance.   Tuition is also available (min 3 hours).


Arrangements can be made for the hire of fishing tackle should you need it.  Your day should be that good that you will want to spend all day on the river bank, so a packed lunch can be provided for you.


Please order all Lunches, Guides and Tackle Hire in advance.


If unforeseen circumstances leads to a complete cancellation on your part, then you will be offered an alternative date if available. For this to take place cancellations of at least 4 weeks notice must be given. This applies to the booking as a whole. Not an individual of the party.

No Refunds will be given.


Your days fishing may commence at 8.00 am - sunset.

Coarse Fishing


  • £35 per person per day
  • £700 (Exclusive) up to 20 persons
  • additional fishermen  £35.00 each
  • Instructor and Guide   -   £180.00 (Full Day)
  • Instructor and Guide   -   £120.00 (Half Day)
  • Hourly Tuition              -   £ 40.00 per hour (Min 3 hours)
  • Packed lunch £12 delivered to you riverside
  • Gift vouchers can be purchased & kept open for the season and will be sent via email

Season & Cost - 1st October - 14th March


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